National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum

What's New
The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) is the combined national voice for consumers and carers participating in the development of mental health policy and sector development in Australia.
Through its membership, the NMHCCF gives mental health consumers and carers the opportunity to meet, form partnerships and be involved in the development and implementation of mental health reform.
Our Aims
The NMHCCF aims to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of mental health consumers and carers throughout Australia through promoting their rights; creating a responsive, recovery focused service system; and  through supporting innovation in service delivery appropriate to different life stages.
To do this the NMHCCF:    
  • provides a strong, united voice for mental health consumers and carers focused on influencing national, state and territory policy and service development discussion
  • utilises our members lived experience and expertise in mental health to identify what does and does not work in mental health, as well as key human service policies and practice
  • promotes approaches that support individual recovery and contributes to an improved mental health and human services system at all levels

Our Goals

  • Mental health consumers and carers will be systematically involved in the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and services that impact on their lives. They will have meaningful opportunities to set reform agendas, to participate in legislation and policy development, and be involved in implementing mental health reforms and evaluating their outcomes at all stages of the
  • Policies, practices and services that impact on mental health consumers and carers will incorporate human rights principles, including respect for privacy and confidentiality. They will also reflect principles of social justice, equity of access, and social inclusion for all.
  • The discrimination, stigmatisation and social exclusion experienced by mental health consumers and carers will be acknowledged and eliminated. This will require ongoing attention and effort by governments at all levels, by employers and by members of the community.
  • The mental health workforce and other staff in human services will be educated in recovery principles and practices. They will be able to implement them in their workplaces, sustained by effective consumer and carer participation policies and practices.
  • Accessible, quality information on current and proposed mental health policies, services, treatment, care and support options will be available to mental health consumers and carers at all levels. Consumers and carers will be well informed and able to fully participate in decision making processes.
  • The culture of the Australian service system, and the community more broadly, will be inclusive of mental health consumers and carers and support measures that promote recovery practices and enhances individual social and emotional well being and respect.